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Glastonbury 2004

I've probably missed out a lot but this'll do for starters!

Tuesday night/Wednesday

Left for Glasto on the rainbow bus at quarter past midnight... felt like such a loner (Katy and Ryan on different bus). Didn't really talk to anyone (the guy beside me was too busy smoking weed/sleeping to talk anyway, heh). Arrived 10 hours later for the gates opening... it was raining, heavily. :|

Lugged my rucksack, self-inflating mattress, sleeping bag, blanket and tent across to the wristband exchange thingy and phoned Katy (who had been there since 8). Found out where she and Ryan were camping (near the dance tent - "red and blue stripey one") and trudged through the mud trying to locate it. Got very VERY fucking lost and ended up walking all around the site, several times (walked past a group of builders again and again and they were laughing at me, :S hehe). Phoned Katy a lot "I'm beside some portaloos!! And bins!! Opposite a pancake stand!" "There's portaloos EVERYWHERE!!". Was all very stressful and it just kept getting muddier. Not fun at all. Felt like giving up and just sitting in the mud with my stuff until the rain stopped, but there was no stopping.

Found them a couple of hours later. Ryan helped me pitch my tent. I managed to break a bit of it cos I was hammering so hard. Wops. Collapsed inside and tried to clean the mud off my stuff. Lost my glasses (found them again on the last day in a mangled state).

Can't remember what I did after that... hmm. Think we just hung about the tents. Wednesday night, met some people Katy knows off a libertines forum and a few randoms and sat in a circle singing Beatles and stuff while a guy played guitar.. was soo good! Then we ran about the place acting like pirates and looking for ships until late... ahem. Sampled some hot orgasmic doughnuts from the doughnut stand. Yum. Slept fairly well but woke up early shivering.


Can't remember what I did on Thursday... hm. Think we just hung about in the tents again cos it was still wet. Ooh yeh, I tried to teach Katy Golden Touch and explain the "do do DO DO do do DO DO!" bit in Stumble and Fall by Razorlight. Hee. That night they put the England/Portugal match on at the cinema.. didn't go, but you could hear the cheers etc. from miles away. Apparently it was the biggest audience the game had and they showed "the reaction at Glasto" on TV! We heard they'd lost and when people started coming back to their tents my friend started asking everyone *innocently* so did you win then? what was the score? Hehe, evil. Wandered about the shops at night and had some sexy doughnuts. That's about it I think...


Got up early-ish for Kasabian at 11. I quite liked them, bit different. Billy Talent were supposed to be on afterwards but didn't come.. bah. So I went with Katy to Bright Eyes instead. Conor is just... *melts* ... awwwwww. They were quite good. Mellow acoustic stuff. And yeh, I just said it but Conor.. awwwww!

After Bright Eyes we headed over to the New Tent to see The Others. I saw Andrew Kendall! The crowd were really mad, lots of crowd surfing and stuff... the woman in front of me had taken her wee kids in, crazy. The Others were OK, nothing special though, kinda wish I'd gone to The Stands but I've seen them before I spose.

Returned to the Other stage for The Rapture - they were good fun as always, had a dance, sang, jumped about... the usual. Was going to go to The Magic Band after but I had no idea where the jazz tent was and couldn't be bothered traipsing in the mud to go find it. Sooo I Had a bite to eat then caught the end of Badly Drawn Boy's set... was really funny, think he'll be good at T. Snow Patrol were up after... had to wait for aaages before they came on. Sat on the grass reading the glasto Q newspaper thingy and chatted a bit with some guy (he took some photos for me later, woo!) who asked for a read of it. Snow Patrol were great, everyone sang along to Run, it's such an anthem! Liked them a lot more than I thought I would. Straight after SP were TEH FRANZ!!! *swells up with Glasweigan pride* They rocked, danced about madly to Matinee. There were some total freaks in the crowd though... including a mad, pervy bald guy with a poly bag wrapped round his chest who kept thrusting into me (some girls managed to save me from him eventually thankfully) and an insane ginger hippy who kept shaking his hair everywhere. Amusing... and ever so slightly disturbing.

I'm not sure what I did between Franz and Kings of Leon. Oh well. Anyway, Kings of Leon... their performance can be summed up in one 3-letter word: SEX! Caleb... geez... that t-shirt... he looks so much better clean-shaven. Jared as well, fucking hell! Anyway, looks aside they did an amazing set - lots of new material. They didn't do Wasted Time which was a bit disappointing but hey... it was all good stuff. Oasis headlined that night. They were really good - not amazing - but I enjoyed it. Noel looked so depressed though, had this pained expression on his face the whole time! aww. Little by Little was a highlight. The real highlight was the end though, when they covered My Generation by The Who (replacing "Why don't you all... fade away!" with "Why don't you all... fuck off!" hah) with Zak Starkey on drums... so good!


Began the day with the 22-20s.. not bad at all. The bassist had hair like a brunette Robert Plant and kept waving it about and doing mad "rock" moves, hehe. Their single is decent (not sure, might be called "Why don't you do it for me?"). After them I made a quick trip to the portaloos and bought some food and drink then went to the Pyramid stage for the Scissor Sisters. They were faaabulous, really got the crowd going. I love that song "Laura". Decided to stay at the Pyramid to try and get a good spot for Macca later. This meant having to endure Lost Prophets (who were pretty dire apart from their random cover of Reptilia "Hmm.. this sounds a bit like The Strokes... WTF... IT IS!!!!!! YASSS!!!!!"), Starsailor (hrm... they just don't do it for me) and the Black Eyed Peas (shoot me now). There was one good act up before Macca though, Ben Harper. Really fecking GOOD MUSIC... a sort of cross between Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. He did Whole Lotta Love and I went mad. Great voice and amazing guitar, I loved it.

Before Paul came on I wrote MACCA in eyeliner across my forehead, heheh... and I wrote APPLE SCRUFF across Katy's head and LOVE ME DO across Sarah's (a fellow obsessed and overly-excited fan I'd met in the crowd) head. Waited YEEEEEEEEEEEEEARS for him to come out. And it was definitely worth the wait when he did, my god. He opened with Jet, and so began the best 2 hours of me life! Drive My Car, We Can Work It Out, I Saw Her Standing There, Helter Skelter, Let It Be, I've Got a Feeling, Live and Let Die (huge flames and fireworks at this!), Band on the Run, Calico Skies, Yesterday, Get Back, The Long and Winding Road, She's a Woman (AHH!!), Sgt Pepper... tonnes more but I can't remember. Fan-fucking-tastic. Phoned immodica during She's a Woman and something else but my battery was getting low so had to cut off. Oh, he did Here Today for John and All Things Must Pass for George... was in tears at those. You couldn't beat the atmosphere when he did Hey Jude - there's nothing like singing "NA NA NA NANANA NAA!" with 120,000 other people... we were still singing it after he went off! That night everyone was in a Beatles-y mood... wandered about for a bit... Katy disappeared... I ended up at a wine bar swaying in a circle to Let It Be. Beatles fans are the best type of fans, they really are!


Kicked off the day with Razorlight at The Other stage... turned up a bit early and managed to get front row again, ho yes! Jonnny was insane, I loved him! He leapt off the stage a few times, tried to climb a fence, ran in circles while he was singing and I got to touch him as he ran across the front! Golden Touch with the gospel choir was just... AHHH!! Really need to buy their album. The blonde one (don't know his name, he looks slightly Kurt Cobain-ish, think he's Swedish) kept looking over at me! Should have some photos of him looking directly at the camera. Woo!

Straight after Razorlight were The Zutons in yellow boiler suits... managed to keep my front row position... veery enjoyable. I can see why every guy I know fancies the saxophonist, she's very pretty.

Divine Comedy were next... funny sort of music to hear at a festival but it worked. Lead singer was v.funny... couldn't light his cig for ages... "did you go see Paul.. Sir Paul McCartney last night? Yeh? he's just... got TOO MANY songs... ahhh... I'm getting there!" They covered No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age, which was a nice surprise! And did the Father Ted theme tune of course... quaaaality.

The Ordinary Boys came on after that. They were... hrm... nah. Didn't really do it for me. Caught a bit of them on TV last night and they looked better on there though. They did have a couple of good tracks (their single?) and ended with Summertime Blues which was cool... and that TV presenter/comedian guy *has forgotten name* came on at one point to sing The Specials with them... the rest of it was a bit blah though, nothing special.

Left the Other stage after them to do a bit of shopping - bought one of those khaki shirts with a wee German flag on Julian Casablancas stylee for my brother for £3 and a rainbow headband thing for me - before treking to the Pyramid Stage for some James Brown. It was such a party atmosphere, everyone dancing to "So Good!". Great stuff.

Managed to move a bit closer to the stage for the next band - Supergrass. Not as good as The Libertines would have been but I had a good time. It started pissing it down half-way through, completely soaked!! Highlights were "Moving", "Pumping on the Stereo" and then when a big rainbow came out and everyone chanted RAINBOW! RAINBOW! Magic.

Moved closer to the stage still for Morrisey... his set began with a Scouser woman reading out a list of things he hates... bloody hell... went on for ages... he really is not a happy man! He came out afterwards. The crowd around me were pretty annoying... guy in front kept farting and leaning on me... eugh. Morrisey was OK... but I'm not really a fan and wish I'd gone to Goldie Lookin' Chain in the dance tent instead, sounded more fun.

Muse headlined that night. I started off 3 people from the front when they did Hysteria... but the crowd were so violent there I had to move back, couldn't breathe! Every where I moved to a new pit started up, so I ended up really far back before I could just stand back and enjoy it. Their performance really was spot on, really tight... Matt's piano solo... wooow! Glad I went to them instead of Television (who cancelled anyway apparently). Heard about Dom's dad last night, really sad :(

That night was freezing... had a drink and something to eat and just went back to the tent. Found Katy crashed out in hers. I could hear people singing "NA NA NA NANANA NA!" from Hey Jude again and thought about going out to join them but it really was coooold so I stayed inside and did a bit of packing before bed.


Got up early on Monday morning to pack... took me a while. My pegs are all bent out of shape cos of the way I hammered them in, eek. Packed up all my stuff, bought some munchies for the journey up and walked towards the exit point. Stood in some random queues (found out they were for trains)... got lost... couldn't find my bus.. it was 11.20 and the bus was supposed to leave at 11 and I still hadn't found it. Lost Katy again (how do you DO that??), got a text to say she was on her bus. Ryan helped me find mine. Stressed out to the extreme! Found a rainbow bus, got on, wasn't mine, got off... was on the right one by 11.30. The driver said he'd leave at 11.45 no matter what and anyone not on it by then would have to get the train... EEEK! Was very lucky. Got the last seat at the back. The people I was sitting with were actually sociable this time! Woo! Chatted a bit about my Glasto virginity and bands I saw n stuff. The driver gave out free cans of Irn Bru which was sweet. Arrived in Glasgow at 9 something and was dumped outsied the Boyd Orr... in the rain. Almost forgot my tent. My rents picked me up - my mum's face when she saw the state of my wellies etc was classic, had to put plastic bags all over the seat before I was allowed to sit down.

Had a nice hot shower when I got back and sat down to pizza and some of the stuff recorded for me. You can see me in one of the Macca clips! WOoo! Got about 20 hours of tape left to watch, hehe! Gave my brother his shirt, he loves it :D Wish I'd had time to do more shopping, brought back quite a lot of money. Going to use it to get photos developed. Took about 100 pics... that's a lot of scanning! I'll post the best ones.

So that's it... an unforgettable weekend really... I'd say my top five seven bands were: Macca, Razorlight, Kings of Leon, Muse, Franz, Ben Harper and The Rapture. WOOO!!!

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